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Community & Business Expert, Judicious Humanitarian, Upholder of Diversity and Equality

Our city is a reflection of our residents. Several communities operating like cogs in an antique machine. Each with its own specific function, yet all working together. As the landscape of Phoenix shifts, and our country as a whole, so must the way we manage our beautiful city.

I am a community leader and philanthropist, recently recognized by the City of Phoenix Human Relations Commission and presented with the 2020 Living The Dream Award for my service to the community. I am also a CEO of several successful non-profit corporations. In my professional life, I am an accomplished Electrical Engineer with my Bachelor of Science degree and an advanced degree in the same concentration. Finally, I serve as Most Worshipful Grandmaster for the Prince Hall Masonic body of Arizona’s jurisdiction and foundations, by which our creed is faith, hope and charity. I am not a politician but a humanitarian using the political arena to make a difference in our city. A difference based on a “grass roots” approach in hopes to affect all the residents of Phoenix. My platform is based upon the following:

  • Diversity– Access to city resources is a right of all Phoenix residents. The opportunity to obtain these resources should equally exist. To make utilization of city resources more attainable for all residents is to level the opportunity of growth of our city.

  • Safety of the City– People deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities. It is our city’s job to create this environment through transparency and accountability.

  • Appropriate Fund Disbursement – Government appropriated funds should be spent as they were intended. Especially funds intended for disbursement to our residents in desperate need, such as our homeless.

  • Advocacy– I am and will always be a voice for the people. I help fight for the rights of others who cannot do so themselves. Once given the opportunity, I intend to continue to be a voice for the residents of Phoenix with legislators and with education; considering the decisions regarding our schools and educational funding are made on a state level. Our children are vital to the future of our city and are prominent residents of our communities. We need to ensure we have representation, a voice at the state level to communicate the wants and needs of our growing communities.

  • Fair Housing– Housing should fit the need of the surrounding community. All families, of every age range and income bracket should have access to affordable and adequate housing.

I’ve been asked what I stand for and the answer is CHANGE.

To see a difference in our neighborhoods, requires CHANGE.  For improvement of our city’s economy, there must be CHANGE. For the social equity of our city to begin shifting and equalizing, there will need to be CHANGE. To see a change you must first make a CHANGE!

Phoenix’s future is about more than just my ideas. It’s about all the hopes and dreams we have as individuals collectively in our city. A CHANGE alone won’t make a difference if Phoenix as a community doesn’t provide itself with needed resources and vital tools by completing the Census and voting. By completing the Census, you open the opportunity for additional resources that can raise the quality of education for our children, improve the roads in our neighborhoods and public transportation in our city. Voting is more than just selecting elected officials, it’s making decisions on bills, policies and amendments that directly affect you today and in your future. We must, at a minimum, not only begin but also continue to become a part of the equation by self-inclusion.

We must all move toward change. The world is evolving around us everyday. In this ever-shifting  environment, what do you find you need?  What do you see changing around you that you’d like me to become aware of?

Tim Seay

Candidate for Mayor of Phoenix, AZ

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I’m Tim Seay, candidate for Mayor of the City of Phoenix, AZ


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Mike J. Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t normally give to campaigns….but I believe in you and what you are doing so my family and I are happy to support Tim. You are doing the right thing…without question. I passed along the info to the line producer that wanted to hire you for the days, and I explained to her why you were not available….I believe she will contribute as well. Keep fighting man, it’s so important.

and thank you…thank you for putting in all the hard work for what we all believe in.”

Auldric P. Phoenix, Az

“Yes, it’s time to vote. As President of the Arizona Caribbean Carnival and Festival, I encourage you to support Time Seay for Mayor. Mr. Seay is a friend and supporter of our organization. Make your voice heard. One love.”

Wallace A. III Phoenix, AZ

“Ice Cube and my brother Xavier DeBrickashaw are right about making your vote count and bringing the community opportunities to where the votes are coming from, RIGHT HERE IN PHOENIX. Thank you Tim Seay for your outstanding leadership!! My vote is with purpose and for change.”

Matt B. Phoenix, AZ
“Got my ballot done today! Remember my friends, it’s really important to research and vote for your local politicians even if you’re dissatisfied with the national choices, because those are the individuals that impact our city and state. #TimeSeay4Mayor”
Elizabeth B. Huntington Beach, CA
“Had the pleasure of coming out to support our good friend Tim Seay for Phoenix Mayor! It was a wonderful event and he has lots of support! He is an amazing person one who cares! He has been doing the work the grassroots!! Vote and make History! Our children need to see more people that look like them so they can see themselves as leaders ! 🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳
Do you know that he will be the first African American to have this roll? This is history in the making ! Vote like your life depends on it! We are supporting him in anyway we can. We don’t live in Phoenix but to all my thousands of FB friends that do vote 🗳 vote 🗳 vote.
Vote for the change you want to see!! Vote to make a difference in the world! Vote The Time is Now! The time is November 3, 2020!! Share, Support, Donate most importantly Vote Tim Seay to be your next Mayor of Phoenix! Phoenix get out and Vote! This country need diversity on all levels ! Vote so your Voice can be heard!”
Raf O. Phoenix, AZ

“I was out late last night and there was another Tim Seay for Mayor sighting on 7st and Bethany home. He is really putting in the work!!! No sighting of the other candidates has of yet. I love the fact that he is out meeting with the people and he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work. Tim Seay for Mayor of Phoenix, he’s really for the people!!”

Aaron C. Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve never met another Mayor or politician who was more hands on than Phoenix Mayor Elect @timseay4mayorphx💪🏿✍🏿✅ He just restored this Ex-felons Voting & Gun Rights‼️

Kevin B. Phoenix, AZ

“A good leader is one that is willing to give by giving himself to the cause. Vote for Tim R. Seay ( For Mayor of Phoenix). Let’s make the difference.”

Carolyn L. Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks Mr. Mayor we appreciate you caring for we the people. Take and may God keep blessing your hard work and efforts. You are already a winner to many people.”

Curtis L. Laveen, AZ

“Tim Seay he is running for Mayor of Phoenix. This brother is my mentor in life and business. He supports the community, small businesses, and is just all around solid. My brother took time out of his busy schedule to slide thru and watch my daughter play……SOLID… November will be here sooner than you think and this election is more important now than ever on the national and local levels learn your candidates and use your power to vote….”

Joi W.

“What I love about Tim Seay is that he is truly for the community and long-term growth for the city of Phoenix. I left practice and rode down to 16th Street and Southern only to see the corner blocked off and chaos. Rest In Peace Mr. Links. Praying for Phoenix 🙏🏿. We must do better. I’m counting on Tim Seay because I know he can bring the changes that the city and the South Phoenix community needs.”

Gary W. Phoenix, AZ

“Vote Phoenix, Tim Seay for Mayor of Phoenix. Let’s Go vote!!! No More of the same. A person who thinks outside the Box. Talk to him. Go listen and see for yourself . Support by your vote.”

600,000 votes cast in Mayoral election for Phoenix, AZ is the goal! Vote! Vote! Vote!


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